Aucklands ultimate summer hotspots

Hello summer 2016

With summer just around the corner we thought what better way to welcome in the new season than with a few Auckland hot spots...sure to make anyone jealous! 

Here we have 3 of the most beautiful summer hotspots, and to top it off... they’re in Auckland! 

1. Kite Kite Falls

Based in the Waitakere rangers, a picturesque 45 minute walk through the Kite Kite track will have you at your destination. The Kite Kite falls is a beautiful 6 story waterfall which leave its visitors in total awe. The stunning blue water and crisp fresh air is the ultimate reward for any hot day. But that isn’t all, the lower wide level also makes for an amazing night walk (be sure to take a torch) with numerous glow worms on the banks of the stream. Light up your night and experience something special!

The end of Glenesk Road, Piha Auckland.


2. Onetangi Beach – Waiheke Island

Just a short 40 minute ferry from Central Auckland, Waiheke Island is Auckland’s sanctuary for sick of the city, summer loving kiwis. Escape the hustle n bustle, make yourself a picnic and don’t forget your towel. Relax beachside with a good book or go for a dip, Waiheke’s Onetangi beach is perfect for any trip, short or long. Oh and don’t forget to tell us if the white sands and clear blue water are as luxurious as people say!

3. Mission Bay

For all who enjoy short distance travels, child-friendly activities and a classic fish n chip shop across the road, Mission Bay is definitely the place to be this summer. With easy access, the view and vibrancy of a seaside town and atmosphere of a thriving community, you may find yourself socializing with the locals whilst enjoy some much needed vitamin C.

A short 15 minute drive along Tamaki drive – extremely close to Downtown Auckland.


Whats your favourite Summer get away ? Leave us a comment below if you agree, disagree or simply have any suggestions. 

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Jamie's Butterflied leg of lamb with Mexican-style marinade

Recently we had a mexican night with a group of friends which seemed like the perfect time to try Jamie's Butterflied leg of Lamb.

As suggested by Jamie, I prepared the lamb the night before, making it super easy come cooking time. A few drinks around the BBQ is the perfect way we like to spend our Friday nights which is ideal for this recipe as the lamb needs to be turned several times while cooking. 40 minutes was optimal cooking time as we prefer lamb to be slitghly on the rare side of medium rare. As intrigued as I was to use chicory (something new to me) I gave the salad a miss as had plently of Mexican sides to go around.

Overall I would absolutly recomend this recipe, just be sure to have a crowd to share it with!

See the full recipe here

(Note: Photograph is of Jamie Olivers lamb - not ours)

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